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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Policy is provided to you by Lake Oconee Village in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

The Lake Oconee Village Privacy Promise

Lake Oconee Village respects the privacy of our customers, and we have garnered your trust and confidence by managing our business with integrity and honesty since its inception in 1987. We keep our customers' best interests at heart and place a high priority on protecting the Personal Information you provide.

Lake Oconee Village believes in communicating clearly with our customers.

This Privacy Promise is provided to assure you that all Personal Information provided to Lake Oconee Village in the course of business transactions is disclosed only within Lake Oconee Village and to our Affiliates, Service Providers, and third parties as allowed or required by law. "Personal Information" is data and information which identifies you or relates to you or your family members and which is not publicly available.

The policies and disclosures contained in this Privacy Promise may change over time, but we will communicate with you, as required by law, when any changes are made. This Privacy Promise replaces all previous notices or statements with respect to this subject, and cannot be modified orally by any of our representatives, employees or officers.

Lake Oconee Village collects Personal Information for valid business purposes to assist our customers with their purchases.

We collect Personal Information about you for many reasons and at a variety of different times. We collect this Personal Information so we can provide you with the services you want. Lake Oconee Village may also collect Personal Information for market research and product development purposes.

Personal Information we collect comes to us in the following ways:

Personal Information you provide to us on registration cards and in your inquiries when you visit our sales centers; Personal Information you provide to us on applications and in your correspondence with us; Personal Information you provide manually and that our computer servers collect when you visit our websites.

The type of Personal Information we collect depends on the services you've requested.

If you visit our web site, our computer servers automatically log your IP address, the pages you click on and how long you spend there, and the web page you came from and go to next; we also save the data you type in if you want us to send you brochures or applications. If you send a letter, email or fax to us, we save that Personal Information in our files, so we can respond to your question or comment.

We keep your Personal Information confidential.

We only disclose your Information within Lake Oconee Village and to our third parties as allowed or required by law. If we think it is in your best interest for us to provide your Information to any other third party, we will inform you beforehand, and give you a chance to tell us not to make the disclosure.

We may disclose all of the Personal Information we collect, as described herein, to companies that perform marketing services (for example, newsletter mailings) on our behalf. These companies are required to hold the Personal Information we provide to them in confidence and use the Personal Information only to provide the services we've hired them to perform for you, and for us.

Lake Oconee Village has confidentiality and security measures in place.

The security and confidentiality of your Personal Information is very important to us. We have physical and electronic safeguards, and company-wide policies and procedures, designed specifically to guard your Personal Information against accidental disclosure. Our employees and agents cannot use your Personal Information for purposes other than those which we at Lake Oconee Village authorize. Access to your Personal Information is restricted, and employees who fail to follow our policies and procedures are subject to disciplinary action.

Lake Oconee Village gives customers control over their Personal Information.

We provide you with access to your Information in various ways, including statements and community mailings and want you to make sure that the Personal Information we have about you is accurate and current. If you note that the Personal Information we have is incomplete, incorrect or not current, please call either the Lake Oconee Village Marketing Department or the telephone number given on documentation that you have received from us. We will update or correct the error promptly. The examples listed in this Policy are illustrations and are not all-inclusive. This Policy does not apply to Personal Information relating to partnerships, trusts or corporations.